Erik Vodnik | Thanks again for the great memories


I wanted to take the time to say thank you for a wonderful day of fishing with my father. We were with you on Sunday 5/20/12 the storms rolled through and the temps fell about 30 degrees in an hour. Your reputation as a versatile fisherman is well deserved as you found something working even after all that weather (big gills on mighty mites on Little St.). I also want to say thank you for your patients. My father is more of a cast & retire a spinner kind of guy and even though he was having some difficulties with the plastics, sight fishing beds and a few loops in the line, you never lost your calm… even when he cast over that docked boat & caught a LMB! Thank you. I also wanted you to know that on the ride home to Illinois the next day my father said, “That Rob’s a great guy. Could you imagine having to fish with different people every day, with different weather and having to perform like that? I bet some days he’d just like to stay in.” Attached is my photo of his 21.5″ SMB. I can’t believe the size & the colors. Beautiful. I’d love to see the photo you took sometime.

Some day I hope to hook back up with you and maybe do some musky fishing or whatever you say is hitting at the time.

Thanks again for the great memories,
Eric Vodnik