Rich, Jeff & Joe Rossini | Impressed with your staff...


I just wanted to drop you a line to Thank You! My boys wont stop talking about how great a time we had up there. Everything was perfect at the resort, the hospitality, food, drinks & the fishing was awesome. Like I told you when we were on the hard water, even tho I have made at least one trip up north in the fall for the last 35 years or so, this was our first trip in the winter & It wont be the last!! My only regret is that there was not enough snow to do any riding. What a crazy winter eh?

Anyways keep up the good work!

Oh yeah, I don't know if I mentioned this while we were up there but I was really impressed with your staff also, they seemed quite happy to be working for you as they had nothing but good things to say about you, and not only when talking to the guests, but when they were bs'ing amongst themselves too. Everyone acted quite professional & had great attitudes. You just don't get that much nowadays!

Look forward to booking our fall & winter trip

I'll talk to the guys & get things booked as soon as I can get everyone's schedules

Thanks Again & Take Care,
Rich, Jeff & Joe Rossini

Rich, Jeff & Joe Rossini

Erik Vodnik | Thanks again for the great memories


I wanted to take the time to say thank you for a wonderful day of fishing with my father. We were with you on Sunday 5/20/12 the storms rolled through and the temps fell about 30 degrees in an hour. Your reputation as a versatile fisherman is well deserved as you found something working even after all that weather (big gills on mighty mites on Little St.). I also want to say thank you for your patients. My father is more of a cast & retire a spinner kind of guy and even though he was having some difficulties with the plastics, sight fishing beds and a few loops in the line, you never lost your calm… even when he cast over that docked boat & caught a LMB! Thank you. I also wanted you to know that on the ride home to Illinois the next day my father said, “That Rob’s a great guy. Could you imagine having to fish with different people every day, with different weather and having to perform like that? I bet some days he’d just like to stay in.” Attached is my photo of his 21.5″ SMB. I can’t believe the size & the colors. Beautiful. I’d love to see the photo you took sometime.

Some day I hope to hook back up with you and maybe do some musky fishing or whatever you say is hitting at the time.

Thanks again for the great memories,
Eric Vodnik

Erik Vodnik

Kevin J. Kearney | You guys run a very nice operation...

Hi Rob,

Sorry I did not get a chance to see you before we left. We were pulling in to come to the bar Sunday night when the lights were turning off.

Just wanted to say thanks, everybody had a great time with you on Friday, your cabin was great and the food and drinks at Fibbers was great also. You guys run a very nice operation and I am glad I got to show it to my friends. I would imagine you will see most of us again next year – me for sure.

I hope you guys get some more winter up there to keep things hopping.

Take care, thanks again – see you soon.
Kevin J. Kearney

Kevin J. Kearney

Greg S. Lewis | I had a blast!


Just wanted to thank you, and let you know I had a blast Tuesday. Learned a lot, quality fishing and as always interesting conversations with Bob around. Next year I will have a Vexilar-too cool. Is the transducer a 12 Degree Ice Ducer on yours? FYI-Someday I will learn to drive a truck in the Northwood’s! Food/drinks/staff at fibber’s was great as normal, please let your wife know also-thanks.

Thank You,
Greg S. Lewis, CPRP
Executive Director
New Lenox Community Park District

Greg S. Lewis

Max | Thank you again for a great fishing experience!

Hey Rob,

Thank you again for a great fishing experience! My dad and I do not stop talking about how much we enjoyed everything. Everything was fantastic (lodging, food & drink) at Fibber's. Please thank your staff again for us too!

Anyway ... if you have any late bizarre openings, 11/18-11/21... we are available (seriously)??? Deer hunting is second!
Next year (2012): Can we book 10/23 & 10/24? P.S. Can't sleep ... thinking about that big one we missed...

Thank you,


Cort | We all had a great time fishing with you!

Hey Rob,

Thanks again we all had a great time fishing with you. The dinner we had at your place was excellent! We have been vacationing up in vilas for the last twenty plus years, we all cannot remember having a dinner anywhere better than at Fibbers. Big thanks to you, Barb our server was wonderful, and of course the kitchen. We will be there same time next year, June 8-15, so I want to book you again for a full-day on Monday the 10th. I did not stick one on Friday,but my boat caught a mid 30 on spider. So a 50" for me next year:)!!

Thanks again,


Betty Wentland | Cross Country Cruisers


YOU KNOCKED OUR SOCKS OFF!!! Your staff was absolutely phenomenal at the service and dinner. Everyone raved about the food, my husband said that was the best pork he's ever eaten, ever!! My shrimp were exquisite! The chicken and ribs plates were huge portions. We were very very pleased and many members that had not been there before said they'd come back in a heart beat. So thank you so much for accommodating us. Drinks were awesome too.

Cross Country Cruisers
Betty Wentland

Jon Grob | Boy we caught a bunch of fish!


I wanted to thank you for the great time my Father in Law and I had staying at your lodge and the two days of ice fishing. Boy we caught a bunch of fish! We had such a great time and really appreciated the North Woods experience and very friendly atmosphere. I am looking forward to another visit this coming summer when I can share this with other family members.

All of my best to you and your staff.

Jon Grob

Jon Grob

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